The California Naturalist

David Wimpfheimer, is a biologist, professional naturalist and guide with a passion for birds and the natural history of the West. Since the mid-1980s, David has shared a great deal of information about all aspects of the natural world with hundreds of groups.
From birding classes to whale watching expeditions to natural history hikes, David takes great pleasure in guiding people on tours of discovery and exploration. David's seasoned focus and knowledge, make for an enjoyable and educational outing. Along with the intended, nature's unpredictability might present you with the unexpected excitement of a unique bird behavior; or a mammalian critter, such as a hunting bobcat or meandering coyote. Lizards, butterflies, trees, lichen, fungi and even paw prints may be in your path. With David's patient guidance, you will receive many views and explanations for all these outdoor wonders.
David's nature excursions are from a generalist's point of view. Even though David is most passionate about birds and the majority of his excursions are geared toward teaching and interpreting the language of the avian world; he is just as comfortable and enthusiastic teaching about all the wonders of nature.

"Join me as we explore the drama and richness of our natural world"

Point Reyes and Beyond
As a sponsored naturalist, organizations, such as; (but not limited to) Point Reyes Field Seminars, the Smithsonian Institution, WildWings, Roads Scholar, Marin Agricultural Land Trust hire David to plan and represent them on a nature bound excursion.
As a freelance naturalist, David will plan activities based upon your wishes. From birding, to kayaking with a hike somewhere in-between. See wildlife in its undisturbed splendor, while David interprets stories and statistics from years gone by and perhaps a look into the future. Besides a huge variety of bird species, catch a glimpse of a California Gray Whale, a Tule Elk or an Elephant Seal.
If you are interested in David's sponsored classes, please view the following pages and peruse the current offerings. f you would like to create a private excursion, start off by viewing the
private tours link for more information.
To learn more about the personal and professional side of David Wimpfheimer and what organizations he guides for; download David's biographical sketch in (downloadable)
pdf, or view on the web in html.