Whale Watching Trips

All of these trips are general natural history excursions. While we are keenly interested in finding whales, dolphins and other marine mammals, there is also a focus on enjoying the diverse gathering of seabirds and other organisms that are often part of one of these voyages.

Most of David’s local boat trips to the Farallone Islands, Point Reyes and other local sites are sponsored through the Oceanic Society.

Please join me on dates to be determined in Summer and Fall 2016 Contact the
Oceanic Society for registration and information.

Baja California
For many years David has led an incredible 12 - day boat trip to this magical peninsula. The variety of whales and dolphins is unmatched anywhere in the world. Additionally we see over 120 species of birds including Laysan Albatross, Blue-footed Booby, Xantus’ Hummingbird and Black-throated Sparrow. He leads this cruise for Wild Wings. Contact them for more information or registration.